About Us

Condor is a small, Melbourne-based, environmental assessment consultancy offering tailored solutions to site-specific environmental planning and management issues. Our core staff have over 25 years experience in environmental assessment, planning and management on a variety of projects from assisting small, single dwelling residential developments, through to completing multi-phase site assessments for large petroleum refining and agrochemical facilities.

In the 15 years in the industry, the staff of Condor have developed a philosophy that no job is too big or too small – meaning, we have the experience and technical expertise to assist you with finding solutions to environmental compliance, planning, assessment and management issues that you may have. We have the capability to assess the risk that contamination of air, soil, water and/or groundwater may pose to your health and we offer practical solutions to address these risks.

Our knowledge and experience allows us to tailor solutions that are right for you – our flexibility has evolved through an all-of-project approach – when you call us, you get straight through to project personnel, and immediately have access to our experience in the industry.

Put simply – no matter how big or small your environmental issue may be, we can help you.